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WYSIWYG fields & full screen mode conflict

  • When using a WYSIWYG field in full screen mode, the changes sometimes get applied to WP’s built-in content field (replacing whatever was there before) as well as the ACF field.

    This was verified on a clean WP install with only ACF 4.3.1 activated. The issue isn’t very consistent – sometimes adding a photo would trigger it, and other times it was only simple text edits.

    Any help on this would be appreciated.

  • Hi @electricpulp

    Thanks for the bug report. I’ll try to reproduce the issue myself.

    In the mean time, can you record any pattern or similarity that you see when this issue occurs. Hopefully, we can spot the pattern and figure out where it stems from.

    Such as: Issue occurs when page is still loading images,
    or: Issue occurs when the edit screen contains multiple WYSIWYG editors


  • The issue occurs when there is one WYSIWYG editor as well as multiple, and the replacement of the main content is very random. Sometimes it will be the full text of what was typed in the full screen mode, other times it will be missing a few characters. If you add an image to the full screen editor, it may or may not appear in the main content editor. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a pattern to the issue yet.

  • I’m having the same problem–the main content is being replaced with a WYSIWYG field. I have 3 custom WYSIWYG fields, using both Basic and Full toolbar, none of which allow images. Seems to be the same situation for me — the replacement happens after editing and updating the WYSIWYG in full screen mode. Will try to verify a pattern as well.

  • I can definitely confirm this as well. Fill screen mode editing causes the content to shoot into the main content area instead of the custom field you are currently editing.

  • Steps to reproduce

    1. Add multiple wysiwyg fields to a post type via ACF
    2. Edit post
    3. Put some content into the main content field
    4. Click on full screen mode in one of the custom wysiwyg fields
    5. Put some different content in full screen mode (in the custom wysiwyg)
    6. Click on full screen mode button again to go back to normal mode
    7. Behold the custom wysiwyg content you just added replace the main content field
  • Hi @stueynet

    Thanks for the steps.

    I’ll run some tests and fix this bug.


  • Hi @elliot, any luck fixing this yet?

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