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wysiwyg field type and core wysiwyg conflict?

  • Hi – I have set a field type as wysiwyg. I use this in conjunction with core wysiwyg editor in my post type. When I put content into the core editor it gets overwritten by ACF wysiwyg field. Any idea what’s causing this? I’ve tried renaming the fields in case there was conflict but that makes no difference. Just wondering do I have to hide the core editor and create another wysiwyg field through ACF?

  • For consistencies sake i’d probably just use two ACF wysiwyg fields. This of course does have it’s drawbacks, you can’t use the default the_content functions for starts and the_excerpt field doesn’t get created; but if you don’t need either of those then there’s no reason why using 2 ACF wysiwyg’s would be a problem.

  • Hi @Ailsa_C

    I can confirm that the WYWSIWYG field is not intended to override the_content value. I suspect that your theme has some code that is taking this value and updating the post the_content with it.

    Could this be the case?

  • Thanks to you both. Maybe the problem lies in qTranslate? Others seem to be having the same problem with the 2 plugins. The link below was a solution for many (so it may help someone, not me unfortunately).

    I managed a workaround by hiding the core editor and merging a couple of posts together (not ideal but it’s fine!).

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