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Wysiwyg-editor sometimes strips line-breaks

  • First of all, this is a brilliant plugin.

    But, a customer is complaining that the Wysiwyg-editor is sometimes striping <p> and <br /> (approx every 5th time he edits the page, bur random). It’s quite frustrating because it can happen far down on the page and the client is usually editing the first custom field at the top.

    I have been looking around wihtout luck. We are running WordPress 3.9.2 and ACF 4.3.8. Is ACF using WordPress’s TinyMCE? Is there any settings I can do to the wysiwyg-editor in ACF?

    Thanks in advance! Any hints of ideas would be appreciated!

  • Is-it-just-me-and-no-one-others-bump. 😉

  • @jannej

    I’m currently searching for a solution to a similar issue. My problem is specifically the <br> and <br /> tags. They are still in my WYSIWYG editor on the admin side, but do not render on the page 100% of the time. I’ll post up here if I find something that helps.

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