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WYSIWYG editor – how to add back Visual/Text tab

  • Hi all,

    First, thanks for the great plugin.
    I want to add back Visual/Text tab for WYSIWYG editor. I have checked official document, it said “The Wysiwyg does not feature the standard “Visual / HTML” tabs above the editor. Instead, the html can be viewed and edited by the “HTML” button on the second row of toolbar buttons.”

    But i really want to add back this feature, even modify the plugin files, how can i add it back? thanks

  • This is only the case in ACF4. ACF 5 (Pro) uses the WP editor and includes them. This change has not made it into ACF 4 and the feature cannot be added. ACF 4 uses a different method of adding the WYSIWYG editor.

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