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WYSIWYG Editor Field Glitch

  • I have a WYSIWYG text editor custom field, and there is a funny glitch. My client cannot type the dollar sign followed by a number. If she does, then the two characters don’t show up on the front end. If she places a space between the $ and the number, they do show up. Likewise, if she types a $ followed by a letter, it shows up.

    I thought it might have been some garbage character on her part, but I created a new post and found the same issue. Anyone heard of this? I really need to be able to type prices (e.g., $10,000) into the custom field and have it display. I’m googling the heck out of this and coming up empty handed. THANKS!

  • I’ve just tested this out and I am not seeing the issue that you’re having.

    Does other content in the editor appear on the page where it’s supposed to be?

  • Everything appears normal except for the glitch.

  • The first thing I’d do is start deactivating other plugins and see if that solves the issue. The next thing I’d do is switch themes and see if that corrects it. My guess is that there’s some filter on the_content that’s removing it. Although, if this is only happening in ACF fields then it should be acf_the_content.

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