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WYSIWYG Editor Duplication

  • We’re running into a strange issue where the core Wysiwyg Editor is being duplicated (sort of, the first Wysiwyg Editor isn’t clickable) when we have an ACF Wysiwyg Editor on the same page / post.

    Duplicated WYSIWYG Editor:

    ACF WYSIWYG Editor (on the same page):

    Any ideas? Thanks guys!

  • I tested this on both ACF 4 & 5 (wasn’t sure what version your using) and the WYSIWYG fields in both are working correctly. More than likely if there is some incompatibility with another plugin or your theme. You should start by deactivating plugins or switching themes to see what is causing the problem. If you can narrow that down there might be something we can do about it.

  • Hi John,

    Sorry about that! We’re running ACF 5, and we already tried deactivating all plugins. Please let me know if you’d like us to try anything else, or if you’d like an admin account for the dev site. Don’t worry, we don’t like, nor use WP frameworks either!

  • If you’ve already tried deactivating other plugins then there is either something in your theme that’s causing a problem or you may possibly have a corrupt file of something, you might try reinstalling the latest version of ACF and maybe reinstalling the last WP update, that might clear it up.

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  • Hey John,

    So we narrowed this issue down to a browser issue, not a software issue. We can only replicate this issue in Safari and Safari Technology Preview. The issue doesn’t replicate in Firefox, Chrome, or Opera. We’re going to table this discussion since it’s not an issue with the software. Thanks John!

  • If you find that this is something with the way that ACF works in Safari, a bug, me know and I can report it to the developer. Not sure about Safari Technology Preview, don’t think I ever heard of it before.

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