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Wysiwyg Bug

  • Hey folks,

    When I used Flexible Content and then the wysiwyg field it will not put my content into the defined <p> tag, but rather it’s own and create a separate empty one below that.

    Here is a video showing the issue. Anyone seen this before?

    Running WP 5.9 / ACF Pro 5.1.14 / ACF Extended


  • The ACF WYSIWYG field works the same as the WP Classic Editor always worked. autop is applied to the content.

    You cannot define your <p> tags in the template when using a WYSIWYG field. If you want to do this then I would suggest you use a textarea field.

  • Hey John,

    Thanks for that … it did work removing the <p> tag. Now, I have looked and tried, but I seem to be missing something here.

    Edit: no worries, I sorted it out. =)


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