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WYSIWYG broken – No console errors

  • Hey all,

    First off would like to state that my websites would not be on the same caliber without ACF…Elliot, you make all of our lives so much easier with this plugin. I realize that the WYSIWYG editor problem is fairly common, but I am not receiving any of the console errors that most people are, so I figured asking was worth a shot. All of the solutions from previous posts I have been able to find have not fixed this.

    I have used this plugin for about 5 large scale e-commerce websites now, some with great success. However, I am having issues with the WYSIWIG editor appearing on websites that were developed on a different domain, and then data was imported to the “real” domain on launch of my redesigns. The websites that were developed on the same domain from the first line of code to completion have absolutely no problems at all with having the WYSIWYG appear.

    If this info helps, I import ACF fields via XML rather than PHP.

    I checked console in Chrome Dev Tools, Firebug Lite, as well as Firefox Dev Tools…no console errors.

    Have tried installing the WP Editor Add-on for ACF: both as plugin and as a theme include, as well as disabling (most, these are active e-comm websites, can’t get too trigger happy) plugins to see if that was the issue, no luck so far.

    Will post screenshots/whatever else upon request.

    Thank you for your time

  • Hi @tomfordweb

    It is possible that the WP WYSIWYG add-on has a bug with the current version of WP and ACF. I’ll do some testing and let you know what I find.

    Just to clarify, no console errors on a refreshed page with the console already open?


  • Elliot,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I don’t really mind if I use the stock ACF WSYIWYG, just need the tinyMCE-esque editor to make changes easier for my company.

    An no, no console errors, although I do have the console warning “event.returnValue is deprecated”, but AFAIK that is a jQuery issue with the JS that is served with WordPress.

  • Hi @tomfordweb

    Is the same issue happening with the normal ACF WYSIWYG field?

    If so, there is definitely a conflict between ACF and either a plugin or theme code.

    Perhaps you could install a fresh WP + ACF, create a WYSIWYG field and slowly add in all the plugins / theme until the issue occurs.

    That way, you can target exactly what code is causing the issue


  • Yes, has always been happening with WYSIWYG. Thank you for the suggestion Elliot, I will try setting up a testing environment today.

    Thanks again for the amazing plugin.

  • I’m having the same issue. I’m running WP 3.8.1, ACF 4.3.4 + Repeater Field 1.1.1. No console errors. The add media button appears (and works!) but no WYSIWYG.

    I’ve deactivated all plugins and reactivated only ACF + repeater. No change.

    WordPress is installed in a subdirectory, but that’s nothing new I guess.

    I’ve noticed problems on some other of my sites too. Did they already switch to Tiny MCE 4.0 in 3.8.1? Might that be causing the problem. I know the API has changed…

  • Hi @richardsweeney

    Thanks for the info but I am still unable to replicate this issue on my end running the latest WP, ACF and repeater field. How are you with JS debugging? Are you able to look through the input.min file (search for the WYSIWYG part) and do some testing there.

    – did you have any luck tracking down the issue?


  • Hey sorry it took so long to respond..issues with forgotten passwords and long days.

    All in all, I think my problem was due to my exact situation, and it has nothing to do with the repeater.

    I sometimes develop websites on a .info domain I had sitting around, and switching between servers was something I was probably doing wrong at the time. Rather than procedurally creating my “new” theme with imported content, I would import the theme, and then activate plugins. I think this is what caused the problems.

    I have duplicated a handful of websites I have built with repeater and flexible content field types since then and as long as I repeat this process when migrating a WP website to a new server seems to work with minimal tweaking.

    1. Install WP
    2. Install/Activate all plugins you need – ACF addons included.
    3. Activate theme
    4. Import XML data for ACF fields
    5. Import WordPress posts/pages/whatever
    6. You may have to view your page in backend for the imported data to appear correctly on frontend…updating posts seems to do that as long as the content appears.

    I don’t really use too many plugins, but I know this now works for me works with

    Gravity Forms
    Contact Form 7
    w3 Total Cache
    yoast SEO

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