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Wysiwyg and wpforms

  • Im using custom post types and a have added several fields into my custom post type.

    I’m using WPforms as well and there is add form button next to add media button in wysifyg editor.

    For some reason when adding wpforms shortcode into wysiwyg editor text field form is not working in frontent.

    Message is “Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.” Everything is enabled so thats not the case.

    When adding the same shortcode into basic ACF text area field, it works just fine. The problem seems to be only in wysiwyg field and only when it is added with acf because When i add the same code for example into simple page with wordpress wysiwyg editor, it also works.

    Anyone else had this problem?

  • All of my sites use ACF and WPForms and I am not seeing any issues with WPForms shortcodes in ACF WYSIWYG fields. I would suspect there is another plugin or something in the theme that’s interfering with WPForms operation. Have you tried deactivating other plugins or trying with a different theme?

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