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Wrong field type in first field of a group

  • Hello,

    when I open a field group and want to edit the first field of it the wrong field type is selected. The first field type “text” is selected instead of the current type. For example, when I open my select field and change something and save afterwards the field type “select” is changed to “text” and the options are lost.

    This seems to happen only in firefox. I’m not sure since when this happens. I’m using firefox 69.0 and acf 5.8.3.

    Best regards

  • Hi there,
    we also experience the same behavior. We also “lost” all underlying linked flexible layouts from a flexible field after saving a change in a subordinated field.

    The field type still seems to be correct, but the field type select shows “text” and all layouts disappeared.

    Is there a way to bring back the link to the layout fields database-wise ?

    We’re using Firefox 69.0 and ACF 5.8.4 and are looking forward to a quick reply.

    Kind regards

  • Hello,
    I have the same problem.
    after some tests (change wp version / change acf PRO version /….)
    this problem is related just to firefox.
    i tested with google chrome is fine.

  • Hello,

    I noticed exactly the same issue, was wondering if it was related to our hosting settings, but apparently not.

    I observed that bug indeed with Firefox 69.0 and ACF 5.8.x versions. First thought it was related to a bug in ACF 5.8.4, but apparently it’s not the case.

    Also, the issue doesn’t occur with some websites, even with FF 69.0. The problem never occurs with Google Chrome or FF 68.0.2.

    When looking at the source code, the correct field type is “selected”, so I’m wondering if it could not be related to some auto-complete feature of Firefox which goes over ?

    I wrote a ticket to ACF team to know if they could have an idea.

  • Hi!

    I’ve the same problem here with my Firefox 69. Did anyone here get a response from the ACF-Team?

  • Same here, thanks for pointing the browser issue. I’m also using FF.

  • The problem is solved in acf version 5.8.5.
    Thanks for fixing.

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