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Wrong Arabic Translation

  • We are using ACF Pro version 5.7.1

    We noticed wrong Arabic translation in lang/acf-ar.po line 2300

    #: includes/input.php:263
    #, php-format
    msgid "%d fields require attention"
    msgstr "% d مجالات تحتاج إلى اهتمام"

    where % d have space in between and it should be

    #: includes/input.php:263
    #, php-format
    msgid "%d fields require attention"
    msgstr "%d مجالات تحتاج إلى اهتمام"


  • Actually going thru the file I found 7 “% d” in the translated section, it must be “%d”.

    I have replaced all records in the PO file locally and compiled it to MO and got the desired result.


  • Hi ahmader,

    I currently have the same problem in French. Can you be more specific onto what you’ve changed / fixed?

  • Not to mention that the translation of “fields” is incorrect. The word fields has more than one meaning.

    The word:
    means fields as in areas of interest or specialty.

    In this context fields should be translated as:

  • @jvarn Hi! Since answering here, I’ve gotten the pro github access to be a French tranlsator. Maybe I can fix this issue (but only this once, since answering requests here is not my job). Since I don’t speak arabic and don’t know the syntax, I just want to make sure with you before making the change (and fixing the % d error mentioned along the way) :

    %d fields require attention
    is now
    % d مجالات تحتاج إلى اهتمام
    and would be more logical as
    %d حقول تحتاج إلى اهتمام

    Is this right?

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