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Wrapper Attributes / Width on Clone Fields

  • Clone Fields are great, but I believe it would be even better if it was possible to add “Wrapper Attributes” like “Width” for the “Seamless” display, so it would integrate better with the other fields in that block.

    In some cases, the “Width” that is set on the original field is added to create a better UI experience in the admin panel for that kind of flexible content. But reusing this with Clone Fields in another flexible content may not be that great with the added “Width”.

  • +1 from me too.
    [Display: Group] setting is not a solution – it implicates how you access the field in the code, and also causes additional visual clutter.

  • +1 from me as well. Wrapper attributes are only available when displaying the clone field in a group, however, this complicates how you access the field.

  • +1 from me as well.

    The lack of this feature makes the clone field mostly useless to me unfortunately.

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