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WPML won't translate flexible content – could export / import be a solution?

  • Got a large field group to translate, it’s all flexible content. But WPML gets stuck on whatever, it just translates the first Layout and the remaining Layouts are empty.

    So I need a solution quickly – I noticed I could export JSON but what about the keys? There’s like 200 fields in there, so manually changing all keys is no option.

    Are these keys randomly generated? They appear to be, so I could do a search & replace like this:
    Search: “key”: “layout_5cc01670…
    Replace: “key”: “layout_6cc01670

    Just increment for every language. Might that work?

  • The IDs used for groups, fields are generated using uniqid() This function uses the system time to generate an id. Increment any value in the key will not be guaranteed to make it unique. It would be better to append a value to the existing key, for example


    as far as searching and replacing, that would depend on what you are searching and replacing? I don’t know anything about how WPML translates a field group, so I’m not sure I could help you with that.

  • This doesn’t work at all. I found that even ex- / importing field groups, without touching / manipulating the JSON file, results in WordPress throwing an error message, field groups missing all together, and a messed up database.

    What a mess, WPML is such a piece of crap. Open for suggestions.

  • Luckily I was able to figure it out this morning. For whatever reason WPML + ACF Pro needs a wopping 1GB of PHP memory limit with all accompanying settings upped to infinity (PHP / Apache / nginx timeouts etc.)

    But then it works. Most of the time.

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