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WPML or Polylang with ACF

  • I’ve a small site with some ACF fields / repeatable fieldsets.
    I’ve installed WPML but it didn’t work correctly (translation page was just empty) – Polylang seems a lot cleaner to me.
    Any experiences with one of them? Which would you prefer (even when the filed groups might get more complex)?

  • wpml works just fine, but can be a bit tricky to work with.
    You have to follow this guide :

    the only issue I go into was an export in XLIFF, which is a very specific issue,…so far so good i’d say

  • Hi @fountain

    Thanks for the post.

    Each of the plugins has some Pros and cons. WPML is a better option since ACF has a compatibility patch included in the core.

    Polylang on the other hand gives you the flexibility and better control over all the translations through string translation.

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