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WPML field translation options bug?

  • Currently i have a big website running in 8 different languages running on WPML and ACF.

    I have alot of repeaters etc, and somehow some field keys are no longer visible in the translation-management->Custom fields translation list.

    Currently it seems they are limited to 1000 result, i tried updating it to 2000 results but with no luck. seems like these keys are lost but they still work on the pages and updating them goes fine etc.

    Is it possible create a special tab just for ACF keys ? or achieve a way to get a list of these keys ? or atleast be able to show these keys again so i can update there translation settings.


  • Hi @nytrm

    Sorry, I am not that familiar with the translation-management->Custom fields translation list.

    Perhaps you could include some screenshot to help show the issue?

  • Hi @elliot

    I have attached a image of a small part of this list.

    When using the WPML Translation Management plugin follow these steps to get there:

    • In the WP Admin Menu click: WPML -> Translation Management
    • Open the tab Multilingual Content Setup when inside the Translation Management page
    • Scroll down to the Custom fields translation section

    Some ACF fields are not displayed in this section.

    If you need more information/screenshots let me know.


    EDIT: It seems that i do see the new fields, now having a mixture between field keys and field names. used to be only field names to be displayed but now the new created fields are shown as field keys instead of field names.

  • Hi @nytrm

    Does this mean the problem has solved itself?

  • Hello @elliot

    No, the fields do display.

    Only the field keys are visible instead of the field names, probably changed this in a recent update.
    When watching a list of keys its really a lot of work to find out what the field name of each key is.

    So i guess this is a new bug report.

    EDIT: Also only possible to tell the field key of a repeater to be translated, not the fields within the repeater.

  • Hi @nytrm

    Sorry, I don’t quite understand your last comment. Perhaps you could compose an image of what is the current problem and what the solution would look like?


  • Hello @elliot

    Look at the screenshot from earlier in this topic, notice this one is correct.
    with new fields created the field name is replaced with the field key.

    So i have no clue what the field name actually is.

    Also no field key or field name is displayed for repeater sub items.

  • Hi @nytrm

    Sorry mate, I don’t understand what the issue is.

    I can see your previuosly attached image shows all custom fields in the wp_postmeta and you are able to select translations for them.

    You say:
    “with new fields created the field name is replaced with the field key.”

    ACF saves it’s values with the field name (features_link), the field key will look something like field_123567 but this is not to be translated

    Your image does show sub field items:

  • Hello @elliot

    See the image i attached to this post to see how it looks like now.

    I have no clue what the field name of these keys are, since a few updates ago newly created custom fields display as keys instead of field names.
    So it used to be like post 1 attachment, but now its like this posts attachment.

    Also i am not sure if the longer field keys are repeater fields.
    Hope you see that now the field keys are displayed instead of the field names.

  • Hi @nytrm

    In your last screenshot, the metadata you are looking at is metadata from an ACF field group (the field objects). This is not to be edited via WPML in this view.

    Is your original question asking if I can hide these from the view?

  • @elliot

    Yes, please hide the metadata fields who are not able to be translated.

    It was not my post question, the field_72 as an example has a field_name.
    Why is not the field_name displayed instead of the field key?

  • Hi @nytrm

    I believe you are looking at the meta data for a field group, not for a page or post.

    The row that shows field_72 is NOT a value, it is a field object. You must ignore it.

    If you go and save a value on a page or post, a new row should appear in your view which uses the field_name

  • Hi @elliot,

    When i create a new page/post with these new ACF values they do appear on the bottom of the page/post. but not in the WPML Translation Management plugin.

    yet the field key does show there.

  • Hi @nytrm

    Perhaps there is a bug with the Translation Management plugin…

    I’ll do some testing in the future, but unfortunately for now WPML cannot take priority of my work.


  • Hi,

    I have some questions about the integration of ACF and WPML. I’m a theme developer and I would want both plugins to integrate perfectly.

    Translation management let’s us configure WPML to choose if we want to translate ACF’s custom fields or not. Also, it’s possible to include an XML file with the theme to tell the theme what to do in each case automatically.

    In the translation management table, I can found field_name and field_key (with underscore) values. I understand what field_key does, but I’m not sure if we need the field_key values to be copied or not from one post to it’s translation. Any one can clarify me this point?


  • Hi @andreu

    Yes, both the value and underscore version need to be copied across so that ACF can relate the field to the value.

    Does that help?


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