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WPML 'Copy content'

  • Hi Elliot,

    We’ve build a site which really depends on ACF and works like a charm.
    For translation I’ve installed WPML which does work together except for one button.
    When a page translation is made (without making a direct duplicate) the button ‘Copy content from Dutch’ appears.
    This button is from WPML and is reported broken at:
    Their main conclusion is that the problem lies with ACF.

    A copy can be made if the client would first open the page, select to create a duplicate and then starts translating.
    So the main drawback is that he can’t create a translation in the pages overview.

  • I’ve worked with ACF and WPML quite a bit myself and we’ve developed the habit that if you want to create a translation with the content copied you’d have to go into the post/page and then duplicate it, head over to the new post/page and hit the translate separately button.

    I’m not surprised why WPML blame ACF. Honestly my experience with their support is pretty lousy (and I’m not the average joe who run a hobby-site). I’m not saying the issue isn’t with ACF but to my knowledge ACF uses standard post_meta values which WPML should be able to copy when making a new translation.. I’ve made a copy-function of my own involving ACF meta fields without issues (not related to WPML) so…

  • Hi @pionect

    Thanks for the info. I’m hoping to spend some time looking at the compatibility between ACF and WPML soon

    Thanks for the links.


  • ACF, WPML 3.3.3

    It is not copying the custom fields, e.g. flexible layout fields (which I use massively) so WPML “copy from” is rather useless for ACF.

    Yes I think this problem is WPML’s problem, they are just custom fields… but I don’t think WPML team cares about this.

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