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  • Tested (and testing) ACF 4 and 5 with WPML, yes i did translate Custom Fields and other stuff, like i did in past,alot of times but:

    ACF 4 (lastes 4.3.8) dont show in backend for Translated Pages with WPML version 3.16, but it show itself if i use WPML 3.15 version,
    will test today ACF 5 with older WPMLs also.

    It look like they did something not ACF or im wrong.

    Verified: ACF 4.3.8 and WPML 3.1.5 (working with repeater, gallery and all fields) backend and frontend (in 90% cases)
    Sometimes the field disapear from backend, but if i go to Custom Fields and just update them, then they show again for translated pages, posts..
    Update Fields

  • Also having lots of problems with ACF PRO 5.0.x and WPML 3.1.6

    Something seems to be fundamentally broken. I tried a lot of things, hacked the ACF and WPML files to generate debug-output etc. but I can’t track down the real problem. Behaviour seems to change even with activation order of ACF and WPML plugins and/or other weird requirements.

    Some fields are obviously not saved if they do not exist in corresponding translated fieldgroup (weird), at the moment a simple field in a 1-field fieldgroup can not be changed any more, etc.

    From reading the WPML support forum it seems that they try to sell their “Types” plugin [#1, #2, #3, ..] as a working alternative instead of support.

    As I already bought ACF PRO 5 for a customer, I would really like to use it, invested a lot of time already, but probably now have to look at “Types” as well. 🙁

  • Can you try ACF 5 with WPML 3.1.5 or older ones ?

    Also i had problems with them also, on WPML, and after a quick chat they told me author of ACF isnt responding to their mails, dont want to work with wpml bla bla, im 70% shure its not true…

    Would love if @Elliot can say anything about situation, and me2 also think they want us to use Tools (plus buy Views).. i dont care i did use Tools and Views, but dont want it anymore, i slowly tested ACF and for me it was far greater tool.

  • Unfortunately can’t test older version of WPML, invested too much time already in this.

  • I’ve got issues with ACF Pro 5.0.6 and the newest version of WPML (

    I want to translate field groups but the duplication hangs… that wheel keeps spinning forever.

  • Still have some problems,
    ACF 4.3.9 and WPML 3.1.5 – the_permalink dont show for translated single page..

    To be honest im not anymore shure what version to use where..
    Shall try to switch to ACF 5 and try on this website..

    * updated permalinks, updated ACF4 to 5, using WPML 3.1.5 – and for now all (backend-frontend) look good and working with both languages

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