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WPML and Repeater Fields

  • I’m using WPML, Advanced Custom Fields and Repeater Fields and while I can get all other content to translate correctly, the Repeater Fields do not.

    So, I can translate all content including all custom fields that exist in the repeater but when it then shows up in the translated post the repeater is blank i.e. I have to create a new row and then manually add the translated content from the custom field into the relevant repeater field.

    Just wondering if this was an old issue that no longer exists as my versions of WPML and ACF are slightly out of date. I will update if need be but wanted to check first. I’m using…

    Wordpress 2.5.1
    Advanced Custom Fields 4.1.1
    WPML 2.7.1
    WPML Translation Management 1.5

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

  • I’ve just done another test with a clean install of

    Wordpress 2.6
    Advanced Custom Fields 4.2.2
    WPML 2.9.1
    WPML Translation Management 1.7.1

    And the problem still exists. Basically the repeater field does not contain any rows and therefore content.

  • Hi @greencode

    Have you selected the option to translate the data independently?

    If so, none of the custom field data will be duplicated to the translation including the repeater field.

    Could this be the issue?

    If so, this is not really a bug, just a limitation of WPML + ACF

  • Hi. What do you mean about checking the option to translate independently?

  • Hi Elliot, I think I’ve figured out what was happening.

    Although in WPML > Translation Management > Multilingual Content Setup I had checked the radio buttons for each sub field within the Repeater to “Translate” I had not checked anything for the actual Repeater field itself. For that I checked the “Copy from original to translation”.

    This appears, at first play, to have resolved the issue. I shall report back in the next few days or so to make sure this is all working.

  • Hi,

    I have the same issue, I check Translate for the Repeater fields, but it’s not Working : when I show what is in the repeater, it’s not an array but juste an integer. In the translator Editor, my repeater is also an interger. Not for you ?

    Thank for help !

  • And it’s the same with copy.

  • Hi @mahiro. To be honest it’s a little tricky to know without seeing the WP admin panel. If you get in touch with me via I’ll have a little look and see if it’s anything obvious.

  • Can’t see your reply : This reply has been marked as private.
    Normal ?

  • Nice,

    It’s very sweet but I’m in local for now. Is there a solution to you can see anyway ?

  • Okay, I presume you’ve gone through the steps mentions in my previous posts? And then clicked on Custom Fields > Custom Fields – Clicked on the custom field group you want translating and checked the “Make ‘Field Groups’ translatable”

  • Yes.

    I know it will be more easy to you to help me if the website is online, so I’m going to put it online.

  • Not saying I’ll be able to fix the problem but it may be something obvious.

  • Yes, but I hope so ! If you can’t find a obvious tips, I’ll use another type of custom field.

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