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WPML + ACF : How to change (reset) ACF admin interface language

  • Hello,

    I’m using Advanced Custom Fields Pro 5.1.2 and WPML

    I was playing with switching default language, from English to German. When I set it again to English then complete wp-admin area is again English except ACF. For example link in left menu reads Eigene Felder instead of Custom fields, when I click on it all content and labels are still in German, dropdowns (Post Object, Page link, Repeater field) where you define each field are in German.

    Under WPML > Languages default language is set to English, Admin language is set to English. Language under Users > My Profile is set to English.
    I also cleared all browser cookies.

    So somewhere in DB it must be stored that I switched default language to German at some point.


  • As there was no reply for over one month for this big issue with your plugin, my client decided to migrate site to Types plugin.


  • Same issue for me.

    ACF backend always in frech : even if i switched language in “Profile” section or WPML admin language.

  • Quick Solutions:

    • Go to “wp-options” table in phpmyadmin
    • Search “option_name” : WPLANG
    • Remove the value
  • Hi stuck here as well.
    need to change the language so my developers can work in english

    can you please advice ?

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