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WPML + ACF creates a conflict between languages

  • Hi, I already made a post about this but I feel like it got deleted because it is neither on the forum nor my profile.

    Anyway, I currently have a bug on a client’s website with WPML regarding fields that keep the original text after saving.

    Here’s how the bug occurs:
    – First I enter the content in french (the default language) and I save it
    – Next I create a copy of the page in english
    – I translate my fields in english and save again
    – By this point, everything seems fine until I refresh the page. What happens is that some fields that are Clones keep the french translation and I can never change it to english.

    Also, when I try to change the settings of the field from “Copy” to “Translate”, it always goes back to “Copy” after saving.

    Is it because of a conflict in the database?

    Let me know if you need any more information.

  • Hi, I really need an answer about this for my client, could I have some help please?

  • Did you ever receive Help for this?

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