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wp_option fields with autoload set to yes

  • Hi Elliot,

    I noticed in the readme.txt file that in version 4.3.3 there was a core update that added new logic to set ‘autoload’ to ‘off’ on all values saved in wp_options table.

    I noticed in our wp_options table that we have over 4,000 rows from ACF that still have ‘autoload’ set to ‘yes’.

    Can I manually update these to ‘no’?

    The extra ‘yes’ rows make up more then 3/4 of our wp_options table – obviously effecting load speed.

    Would really like some guidance on this as soon as possible.


  • Hello, did you ever try this solution? My database is about 70% made of wp_options generated by ACF

  • Hi akmur,

    I did manually update the entries to ‘no’.

    I also removed a lot of the ACF fields that were no longer needed in the wp_options table – but I can’t remember exactly the details of that.


  • Hi @akmur

    I believe you can make use of the update_options() wp function to do this:

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