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WP Multisites & ACF (repeating?)

  • Hi Elliot,

    Sorry to be repeative; but nice work on this plugin 😉

    I have a little request:
    Is it possible to get like a button where u can select a group of fields, and kind of copy them to all the (sub)sites? Like how the plugin Multilingual Press works, but then for ACF.

    Or! didn’t I read properly and missed how this can be done? I got like a site with 30 languages; So 30 times adding the fields would be just a waste of time. Also has to be user friendly 😉

  • Hi @sbrn

    Thanks for the feedback. This is not yet possible, but because ACF uses posts and post meta to save the field group / fields, I’m sure there is a plugin you can use to duplicate the post to another multisite.

    If you find such a plugin, please let me know

    Thanks again,

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