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** wp is not defined

  • I’m using the following:
    A.C.F. v4.3.8
    A.C.F. Repeater v1.1.1
    Wordpress v3.9.1

    I get this error when clicking on the “Add Image” button of a repeater field.

    ReferenceError: wp is not defined

    I went ahead and removed the .min from acf.php and this is the line of the error

    …plugins/advanced-custom-fields/js/input.js?ver=4.3.8 (line 2620)

  • I had a similar error but it was in the admin. I deactivated the WooDojo plugin and it fixed the problem so you may have to deactivate each plugin and retest to see if one is causing the error.

  • Hi,
    I am using WP – 3.5.2 and ACF-4.3.8 with no repeater fields but still getting
    “wp is not defined” error on live site when i click on button to add image in Admin panel. Help!

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