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WP Currencies ACF currency field

  • Today I’ve published this:

    was thinking that it may as well be suited to include an ACF extension for a currency field – probably a populated dropdown of currencies to select from which return currency data with get_field()

    if I get enough requests I might do it if I have the time, or if anyone wants to play with it, that’s more than welcome

  • oh well I just did it 🙂

  • very great idea !!! very useful for me (villa rental business)

    Total dummie questions (I am):

    Compatible with next version pro ?

    Easy to use/insert (no code) ?

    I will test next week 😉


  • At the moment I have not tested the field with ACF 5. I will add support when the new version is out of beta perhaps.

    As I wrote in the plugin readme, this is intended for developers who want to build with currencies, there’s currently no WYSIWYG feature (except for two simple shortcodes) and I don’t plan to have any.

    ACF-wise, the field consists of a select field with a list of currencies. When adding the field to a post using ACF, the user can select one or more currencies. When getting the value of the field from a post with get_field(), it will return the currencies selected. Could be useful if you need to associate one or more currencies to a content. Then you can use the rest of PHP functions provided by the plugin to do something else.

  • added support for ACF5 / PRO

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