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Working with taxonomy depth

  • I miss features, that would work with hierarchical taxonomy depth. It is very easy to get the depth for the term – just count get_ancestors( $term_id, ‘custom-taxonomy-slug’ ) (+ 1 if you want to start from, not zero, for the top level).

    For example:

    Field conditional logic:
    – show this field only if the term in [other-field] is level 1

    Location rule:
    – show this field group only on terms on top level (typically for setting up some category images for top level categories)

    Field options:
    – allow to select only levels higher then 1
    – display only top level categories

    And also working with parent/child relationship
    Display subcategories of [other field with top level category] – so making dependant select boxes.

  • The developers of ACF don’t generally watch these forums. You should send them your feature request by contacting them or submitting a ticket on your account if you have a Pro License.

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