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wordpress doesn't remember uploaded images

  • I’m having problems with the on page image uploader. Uploading images works fine. But when i’m on a page and I want to add an image there, I don’t see the images that are already uploaded to the library. As a result, images get uploaded multiple times and now I have multiple copies of the same image in my media library.

    Is anyone here familiar with this problem? I would really appreciate the help!

  • I know there’s a setting where you can limit the media library choice. But i’ve checked that already and it’s set to ‘all’.

  • This problem only occurs on my test server. On my localhost, which has the exact same settings, everything works perfectly fine.

  • Solved it!

    There was an error in a plugin I was using: Polylang plugin
    In the settings there was an error saying that not every page and/or post had a language setup. Selected option to set standard language for every page and post and everything was fine!

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