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WordPress / ACF Weekly table form / time management

  • I’m trying to plan and figure out how to handle weeks of the year that can store information on a user by user basis.

    think acf form on the front en user form perhaps

    Here’s the problem. I need to build a form in which you can select which week of the year (by date etc) we’re on, then show the 7 days of the week as inputs that we can choose some dates and save the table.

    here’s a sketch of that:

               Week 14         < | >
               | M    | T    | W    |
        Start  | 7.30 | 7.30 | 7.30 |
        Finish |16.30 |18.30 |19:00 |
        Total  | 9.00 |11.00 |11.30 |

    So far, the form is built, but i’m struggling to find any resources that suggest how you could manage changing the date on the 7 days to go forward / backwards in time.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for managing this?

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