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WordPress 5.3 is causing problems with ACF

  • Hi,

    I have two different websites that have been updated to WordPress 5.3 and using ACF Pro 5.8.7, that are now having problems with the parsing of the ACF fields both in the ‘page’ edit page as in the field groups of ACF itself. I’ve added a screenshot of the field group edit page, showing a repeater field. This happens everywhere I’m using ACF in the backend.

    The websites are also using the Classic Editor plugin (version 1.5). I tried switching a page to the block editor, but the problem persists.

    There weren’t any problems before the update, and I’m a bit stumped. Hope anyone can point me in the direction of a solution.
    NB. The front-end of the website is looking fine so far.

    Kind regards,


  • Update: on one of the sites we’ve downgraded the WordPress version back to 5.2.4 (and changed nothing else) and all’s well there again.

  • It turned out the problem wasn’t ACF, but the used theme. This theme contained code to rewrite <style> tags, which didn’t seem to work that well with WordPress 5.3. Apologies for pointing the finger at ACF.

  • I am facing issue with ACF, not working fields, neither javascript running properly.

    everything was working fine and properly, suddenly ACF stopped working and showing following issues.

    ACF Issue

    WordPress Version: 5.3.8
    ACF Version: 4.4.11

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