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WooCommerce users registration

  • I’m trying to build a groups website, based on WooComerece. The website admin approves the submitted group registration form, created and submitted by the group manager. The community manager has a billing and shipping addresses and payments method. Every new user/customer registration form includes a mandatory “Group” field to choose the group from a dropdown single choice list with values of all approved groups ID. The user/customer registration is subject to the group manager, and the new user/customer profile inherits automatically the group manager billing and shipping addresses and payments method. Can your plugin help me achieve these goals by adding custom fields to the user’s database?
    Thank you very much.

  • There are too many variables that are not specific to ACF to be able to answer your question.

    How are “Groups” Created? What are they? Is this a CPT?
    How are “Users” Created?
    What other plugins are you using to create this?

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