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WooCommerce Designing a Parts Site

  • Hi,

    Im creating a Woocommerce WEbsite, that sells Truck Parts.

    I have my Product Categories. Lighting > Bulbs etc. I assigned products to these obviously.

    Im currently using Toolset, within that, created 2 Custom Post Types.

    1 called Manufacturer
    1 called Model

    Then setup Post Type Relationships like below.

    Setup one-to-many relationship between post type “Manufacturer” and “Model”


    Setup many-to-many relationship between post type “Model” and “Product”

    I have then come to designing the Product Single and Archive pages.

    Tool Set Layouts, is utterly incompatible with Beaver Builder. I’m really struggling to make these pages with the Custom Fields I have also created.

    I have Custom fields called

    Part Number
    Part type (Genuine or Aftermarket)

    I then want a Ajax Filter so I can choose, I want a Light bulb for a Mercedes (Manufacturer) > Actros (Model). When manufacturer is selected, only models for that manufacturer are shown.

    Toolset are basically saying, use Layouts Add on to create everything. Which is a pain, as I’ve made all the other pages in BB.

    I want to basically create my site like this.

    I suppose I just want to know, does ACF do the same thing, and is it more flexible with Beaver Builder or any other Page Builder?

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