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woocommerce + ACF = custom add-ons

  • Hello,
    I believe it may be the doubt of many who use this plugin.

    How to create custom fields using ACF in woocommerce products? I searched the entire web and it is a very rare tutorial or something similar.

    I am creating a front-end form for product registration, on a marketplace site of mine, using only the ACF + ACF front-end. (I love this LOL plugin), but I got 90% of the information I want to make available on my registration form.

    I find it difficult to create custom fields where I can create options for products – example: colors, sizes and etc.
    And if he adds a certain option that some value (price) has been added together, it will be added to the price on the product.

    Could someone give me a light ?

  • Hello! Did you find an answer? I’m looking for the same answer…
    ACF seems perfect to add product addon fields without using any other crappy plugin.
    I’m very used to ACF but for that matter I cannot find any answer.
    I think the problem rely more on the fact that acf-form is used for adding custom fields to “post” (any kind of post) but here we want to add those foelds (and use their value to calculate price) to a post (order) that still do not exists…
    We have to use woocommerce hook (the add_to_cart hooks)…

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