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Woocommerce, ACF and Variable Product

  • Hi,

    i want some custom acf fields only displays on variable products backend page and not on normal single products.

    Article Type is product_variation isn’t working.

    Thanxs for help.


  • Hello,
    I reopen this topic because I can’t display custom fields for product variations.
    In the custom field post type selection, I choose “variations” but I can’t see the custom field when the product type is variation.
    When I choose “Product”, the custom field shows when I select simple product.

    Looking forward from reading to you.

  • I too am having this problem.

  • I’m having the same issue.

    Scenario for context:
    I have woocommerce installed with variable products having 2-3 attributes that change for each variation, BUT for each attribute A there is only one possible attribute B, C etc.
    So I only need attribute A to be selectable by end user, but all of them visible.
    I need them separate for sake of filtering.

    I tried to set variable B, C etc as an ACF group and assign them to post_type equal to product_variation and expected to see them into the dropdown for each variant along with weight, dimensions and so on, but there is nothing.

    Am I doing something wrong? Is there an ETA on this issue?

    Thanks a lot in advance

  • Hi,

    I solved the problem with using product categories:
    “Display this field, if”
    Article-Relation = product_cat “categoryname”

    And realize the output with: the_field(‘fieldname’);

    You can see at -> Reisen
    Most of all product-tabs are ACF Fields.


  • Thanks a lot Seba.
    I’ll try your method immediately!


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  • Hallo,

    I’m having the same issue.

  • Was anyone able to resolve this issue?

  • By default, ACf Fields do not work with WooCommerce variations, as they are loaded dynamically, separate to the way normal post meta fields are loaded.

    I posted my solution to the issue here, where I used a couple of actions and a filter to manually display and save matching ACF fields for variations.

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