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Why use custom codes instead of wp_editor()?

  • The wysiwyg editor field used a lot of custom PHP and JS codes instead of WP built-in function wp_editor().

    I’m just curious, is there a reason?

  • If you’re referring to ACF4, then yes it uses a custom editor. I don’t know the reason that it used that, I seem to remember a time in WP history where this was necessary, but I could be remembering wrong.

    ACF5 uses the built in WP editor.

  • Hi John,

    You may misconstrued my words, I’m using ACF Pro 5.3.5.

    Yes, it’s using built-in WP Editor – TinyMCE.

    BUT my point is that ACF used a lot of CUSTOM PHP/JS CODES for editor field instead of a simple core WP function wp_editor().

    this is why I’m curious and wondering anything I can learn and care.

  • I’m not sure if or why it’s done the way it’s done, I’m sure there’s a reason. The only person that can answer that is the developer. I’ll flag this topic and if he has time to get around he may.

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