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Why not incorporate CPT/IU into ACF?

  • I’m no plugin developer but it seems to me that CPT/UI is a pretty basic plugin for creating CPTs and taxonomies. I know a lot of ACF users simply create their CPTs/taxonomies using php, but many use simple plugins like CPT/UI for its convenience.

    It seems a bit strange to me that ACF wouldnt simply incorporate the abilities of CPT/UI into ACF and thereby eliminate one more plugin. It would, I think, make ACF even more valuable/useful to an even wider audience at what seems to me a very low cost in terms of development time and added complexity. There may even be some advantages to having them more tightly integrated.

  • Before I say anything, I am not the developer and the developers do not frequent these forums. If you want their answer to this question you should contact them, however I think you’ll get a similar answer to what I am about to say.

    Why this is not included has to do with scope. The scope of this plugin is as an admin tool for custom fields. As with my own plugins, good developers limit the scope of their plugins and try to avoid scope creep.

  • Thanks for your reply John. I was under the impression I was submitting a feature request to ACF, and so am surprised to hear that the ACF developers dont frequent this forum. I wonder if the other 1,000+ authors of feature request posts on this forum know that.

    I can definitely appreciate the problem of scope creep. But it seems to me that custom fields and the CPTs they’re related to are so closely aligned that to combine the creation and management of them into one plugin seems like a natural thing to do. Clearly most people don’t agree with me, for if they did this would have been addressed long ago.

  • Yes, I try to point people to the contact. When starting a new topic there is a message

    Forum topics are used for community discussion and not support

    Here is is just us users.

    They will watch for bug reports when a new version is released, but that’s about it.

    Bug reports and feature request sections are a left over from a time when the original dev used to man these forums himself.

    As far as the CPT think goes, I also use CPT-UI, but only because it has an easy export to PHP. CPT definitions stored in the DB reduce site performance.

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