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why is my google maps just a grey box?

  • This is so frustrating, I copied everything exactly from the documentation!/Hotels if you click on “Directions” you’ll see that the mp is there but a grey box.

    Is it wrong to have the api key in the enqueued script and in the function from the documentation?

    I have a google map at the bottom of my page that I did from scratch that works.

  • Okay, after a lot of fiddling around I learned it’s because it’s inside of my bootstrap tab.

    I have google.maps.event.trigger(map, ‘resize’); in my js but I guess it’s in the incorrect spot, where do I put this exactly in the documentation’s js?

  •    $('a[href="#directions"]').one('click',function(){
                // create map
                map = new_map( $(this) );
  • I got this to work using your solution, but when clicking back to another tab or showing different maps on multiple tabs they immediately revert back to being beige / grey boxes. Any thoughts?

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