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Why Every One Use External Software To Display ACF???

  • Am i the only one who having hard time to display ACF value? When i watch tutorial ‘for beginner’ everyone is using some sort of external software to edit and put-in code. Why cant just show how to display ACF value in wordpress itself?

    Ofcourse to most people might laughing at this but im tired and its been 3 month since im trying to develop my site. Please anyone anybody. How to display a SIMPLE TEXT FIELD the easiest way!!!

  • Most people who are using ACF are also customizing themes or building custom themes so they’re often using a code editor independently of WordPress. There’s a billion ways to build in WordPress so what theme you’re using, whether you’re using a page builder or not, whether you’re using the block editor or still using classic, specific plugins, etc. beyond just your skill (beginner vs advanced user) all factors in to what is the best or “easiest” way.

    If you don’t want to edit code, I’d look at displaying ACF using a shortcode:

    Depending on what you’re using, there could be a better way as many, many tools integrate with ACF.

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