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Why can't I retrieve checkbox values?

  • I have no problem retrieving content from every other field type, but for the life of me I am not able to pull the value of selected checkboxes.

    I have a checkbox “mobile_service” that contains two options. Return value is set to “value”. Below is my code I’m using. On the front end all I get is empty < li > elements.

    		$attributes = get_field('mobile_service');
    		if( $attributes ) {
                echo '<ul>';
                foreach( $attributes as $attribute ) {
                    echo '<li>' . $attribute . '</li>';
                echo '</ul>';

    It must be something very simple, very stupid that I’m missing. Can anyone help?

  • Nevermind y’all…it took posting this to figure out the (very stupid) error. A typo.

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