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Why are some field types missing from documentation?

  • This is probably nitpicking, but after slogging through the forum for a while searching for easy-to-understand informations, I’m left wondering: is there a specific reason there’s not an entry for every ACF field type in the documentation?

    Right now, I’d be quite glad indeed to be able to read the usually well-written and understandable ACF doc for the user field type, and then figure out how to get user infos from it if it’s got one or several entries.

    Instead, I have to try to piece together what kind of field it is – it’s placed under “relational”, looks like a multi-select, and behaves like a repeater, and how all of this relates to “getting values from a user”.

    Am I (again) being blind to the obvious, or is there a reason the field type user is not even mentioned anywhere (as far as I can see, that is)?
    Wouldn’t it be great if users were able to simply look up the various field types they see in their ACF 5 Pro, and go on learning from there?

  • I think that the main reason is that the developer doesn’t have time. Eliot does all of the work of development and maintaining the documentation himself.

    I’ll mark this post for the developer to look at, but I can’t say when he’ll get to it. Maybe he’ll drop by and say something.

  • I fully appreciate this, especially since I happen to think ACP to be among the very best things to happen to WordPress, and in my humble view it is executed flawlessly.

    Maybe it would be enough to make sure there’s at least a short page for every field type in ACP, so simple-minded folks like me don’t begin to question their own sanity searching for it.

    BTW, I’ve been able to solve the problem using WP and PHP functions. I still have no idea if I could have used any of those handy ACP functions, though.

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