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White screen in admin posts page

  • Hi Elliot,

    We are using custom fields on a custom post type, we have 3000+ posts with 3 custom fields each. Now we can’t access the all posts page (single posts are fine). After a few seconds, it times out and shows a blank screen. Deactivating ACF solves this problem.

    We tried:
    – Deactivating the field group on the custom post type.
    – Increased the memory limit to 4gb.

    Didn’t try:
    – Hiding custom fields from screen options, bc blank screen can’t access. But since we tried deactivating the field group already maybe it wouldn’t make a difference.

    Do you know of any fix?


  • Can you block ACF from running on the “all posts” wp-admin page?

  • Hi @Maya

    Do you have many ‘post_object’ fields? These could be the culprit for slowing down your site as they would be attempting to load all 3000 posts.

    Perhaps you can change these to relationship fields, or wait a few more weeks until ACF5 is out (which introduces much smarter and more efficient post object fields)


  • Hi,
    I have the same issue, with a page_link field. I switched with the post_object and now it works. This means the page link has an issue too.

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