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Which rules should I set for a reusable Field Group (using as a Clone field)

  • I have a field group that I include in other field groups as a Clone field. For example, one of my field groups is called “Page Banner”. In every field group I want a page banner, I include the “Page Banner” field group as a Clone field.

    My question is, in the “Page Banner” field group’s Rules, what can I set the Rules to so that it doesn’t appear on any page? (Unless I add it as a Clone field of course.) The default rule is “Show this field group if <Post Type> <is equal to> <Post>”. But I don’t want this group appearing on every “post” post type. So what can I set the rules to so that it doesn’t appear anywhere, unless I “embed” it as a Clone field?

  • There aren’t any location rules that you can set so that it will not appear. If it is only used as to clone you can set the group to inactive.

  • Just to add to this while I’m here / I had the same question.

    For example, I have an “image fields” fielder. I use that as a clone in 10+ places. But –

    Like John says, there is is no option to set it to show on ‘no pages’ / and instead I just make a rule that is impossible / so “show on pages that are posts and also pages and also another custom post type.”

    example of field group

    I don’t understand the suggestion to set the group to ‘inactive.’

    'active' button

    I didn’t see it in the docs:

    So – to be clear / I want to my field to be “active” – as in usable / but it’s meaning is that it does not show in any ‘location’ – but is still usable as a clone?

    Just leaving some images here to help clarify – as I tend to find my own posts years later. ; )

  • I just typed up some stuff here – and now it’s gone somehow : /

  • example field group

    active button
    So – setting this to ‘not active’ – will still allow it to be cloned.

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