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Where ist option to save date/time as timestamp?

    • aga

    • September 20, 2018 at 5:34 pm


    I cannot find the option to save date/time fields as unix timestamp in database anymore. New entrys are now saved in date Format, so i have problems in frontend. where ist the old saving Option? thanx

  • There isn’t a setting to change how a field is saved in ACF5.

    Unfortunately you will need to rework front end code that depended on the value in the DB being in a specific format.

  • Any other ways / suggestions. So that that I don’t have recode a whole website? Using a filter maybe?

  • You could probably add an acf/format_value filter for the field

    Please note that the field name and field key variants of the hook are available for this hook, they just are not documented.

    Set the priority > 10 and then convert the value form a date into a timestamp in your filter

  • I think the option to just save the timestamp should be added.

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