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Where is the data stored?

  • I have created a plugin and linked the primary ACF group to that along with 2 other subsidiary ACF groups
    Thats all fine but…

    I have 3 existing tables with data that I would like to import to the ACF but I don’t see any such tables in Adminer so where is the data created by ACF kept and can I import existing data to each ACF group please?

  • ACF field values are stored in post meta, use meta, term meta or options dependent on that the fields are attached to. ACF does not have its own tables.

  • Are the __fieldname and associated id_1234567 per field entry critical.

    ie: would I have to create these for each data entry to mysql the data to this table?

  • Yes. Each field in ACF has a corresponding field key reference value. Both field are important.

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