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Where is the correct CSS files

  • I am in the process of trying to add another column to a page that currently is set up with a col width of 16.66%. I figured out I need to change the col width in the CSS in the components folder to 14.28%, but I am seeing another CSS file that has the old width in it in the themes/…/dist/….. folder. I change that code now but the page is referencing a different version, was ver=6.0 after changing it is in the code as ver=6.0:1. How do I correct this, where is this pulling in or where can I overwrite all of these for the correct width. Thank you for the information.

  • You are trying to alter the built in CSS for the ACF admin?

    You should not do this because it will be overwritten when ACF is updates.

    You should add custom CSS with styles that override the CSS in ACF. You would add custom css to in a similar way as adding just JS to ACF.

  • Thank you John Huebner. Where is the best place to have this, in the theme custom CSS area? It just seems odd, unless the previous developer hard coded this, to not update in the blocks CSS fields. I will take a look and try that, thank you.

  • Sorry, I thought you were trying to alter plugin styles. If you war trying to alter styles for the front end of the site then I probably can’t help you. That would be completely depended on how the site was built, which has nothing to do with ACF.

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