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where are acf blocks fields content stored

  • I’m moving a website from localhost to a test server and then again to the final domain. Replacing url’s in the database doesn’t affect any links created with acf block fields

  • They’re stored within the wp_postmeta and wp_posts databases.

  • They are stored in post_content. As far as updating URLs, that depends on what type of field you’re talking about and how you are migrating the database. Some ACF fields store post or term ID values and they will only continue working if the post/term/user IDs are the same.

  • For anyone searching this years later, like me…
    I tried to replace links I created with ACF and couldn’t find the URL fragments I was searching for in wp_posts, wp_postmeta, anywhere.
    Let’s say I was searching for /contact/ and replacing with /pricing/.
    Finally looked at the post content itself and discovered that the trailing slash was escaped and that’s why my search & replace was missing it.
    Searching for /contact\/ and replacing with /pricing\/ worked.
    Minor mystery but here we are.

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