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When will ACF support Gutenberg?

  • Maybe it already does? But I recently installed Gutenberg on my website, and my additional custom fields on new posts refuse to save to the database. If I edit things in the classic editor it will save fine. But as soon as I convert it back into Gutenberg and save, it will erase it. Already existing posts that used the classic editor have their proper database parts filled, but I imagine if I tried to save them under Gutenberg it would erase those things too.

    I just wanted to check if this was expected behavior or if I was doing something wrong? I do remember reading that ACF was going to support Gutenberg but wasn’t sure if that had already happened

  • I haven’t got a clue if this is expected behavior or not. I do know that the developer is working on making ACF work with gutenberg.

  • Thanks. I’m not messing with it for now but I’d like to start integrating it into my blog cycle soon. Hopefully the update comes soon, but if not I’ll just be patient. Thanks again John! You’re always extremely helpful and I really appreciate that.

  • Elliot told me not long ago that he’s putting a few other things on hold in order to get ACF compatible. I would think that if everything goes well it there should be something in the next few updates.

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