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What's your opinion on this approach?

  • Hi people!

    Im currently hurting my brains due to lack of experience on how to best approach my situation:
    Im creating a new theme for my scale modelling website (it’s a hobby) completely from scratch. On this website I want users to – in a user friendly way! – be able to post:
    – reviews
    – finished projects
    – news articles
    – product info

    I created cpt’s and custom taxonomies for all. everything is linked with vehicle categories, vehicle families, vehicle name, manufacturers, countries, product categories etc (all custom taxonomies).

    In the product cpt the user can fill out this info:
    – manufacturer (of the product, not of the vehicle it represents or is made for) (taxonomy, e.g. ‘Tamiya’)
    – kit name (text)
    – kit number (text)
    – scale (taxonomy, e.g. ‘1/35’)
    – price (number)
    – country of origin (taxonomy, e.g. ‘United States’)
    – product category (taxonomy, e.g. ‘model kit’)
    – vehicle category (taxonomy, e.g. ‘air vehicles’)
    – vehicle family (taxonomy, e.g. ‘F16 fighter jet’)
    – vehicle (taxonomy, e.g. ‘F16-D fighter jet’)

    Now in the ‘review’ and ‘finished projects’ cpt’s I want to add a relationship field where the user can pick the product (from product cpt posts) when writing a review or finished product. Off course the product is what the review or finished project is about.

    Reviews can be about a model kit and have no ‘target product’ they’re made for but – for example – detail sets are made specifically for ‘target products’. Thus I need another relationship in the ‘review’ cpt where the user can pick the ‘target product’ (from product cpt posts).

    1. What do you think about this approach? I want to make sure it’s a smart approach before I continue development on my website. I dont know if it matters, but it’s supposed to be a pretty big website in the future with a lot of records.

    2. if – for example – a review is linked to a product, will the taxonomies assigned to the product post also be assigned to the review post or is there a way to do so?
    I need this to show related content

    3. My last question, and an important one (user friendliness):
    imagine a product is not there yet? the user should go back and add the ‘product’ first before he can continue with the review or finished project.
    Is there a way to make the user create a product on-the-fly without leaving the current edit screen and navigating to products->add new product in the backend?

    I would really appreciate if anybody gave his/her opinion about these two questions so I can move on without doubting on my approach.

    Thanks people!

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