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Weird Issue with WPML 3.1.9

  • Hello,
    I’m using ACF Pro 5.2.0
    I’ve just upgraded WPML to the last version and I’m no longer able to edit pages in wp backend. After clicking “edit page” link the page hangs for a while then a blank page is shown.
    The weird thing is that I find no problem editing posts. This happens only editing pages.

    Using the previous version of WPML everything was fine, problems started after WPML upgrade.

    The bug goes away if I disable ACF Pro or WPML.

    The issue doesn’t present if I use ACF 4.4.0 with repeater and flexible content addons. Only with ACF Pro I have this problem.

    I asked also to WPML support for this issue, but they answer only that ACF is not fully compatible with WPML and that I should (obviously) use Types instead.

    Does anyone else have this issue? I really would like to keep using ACF Pro

  • +1. I am having the same problem. ACF 4 is working properly, but 5 gives a Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded error.

  • It seems that the last version of WPML is causing this issue. There are a huge amount of support request on WPML forum after last update. They say to be aware about this and that they will fix the issue asap, maybe today. I really hope it’s not an ACF fault, I’m deeply in love with this plugin 🙂

  • It’s WPML fault. In a website where I’m using ACF Pro 5.2.0 and WPML, this issue doesnt happen. So I suppose it’s with the new WPML version 3.1.9 that makes this problem come to life.
    Instead of regressing to a previous version of ACF, try to regress to WPML and report this issue to the WPML developers, also.

  • You’re surely right foxviewr, I already tested regressing to previous WPML version and reported the issue to WPML suppor forum (where I found huge amount of people in similar situation).

    I just felt that was good to report this issue here too, for some reason even with the buggy last version of WPML, if I use ACF 4.4.0 with repeater and flexible content addons, instead of ACF Pro, everything looks fine.

  • Yes, you did well to report here bluantinoo, I’m sure many people (like me) will come here for answers, so at least this way they can know that the issue is with WPML and that if they regress to WPML, or to ACF 4.4.0 as you suggested, the problem will be temporarily fixed.

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