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Weird black background for ACF Repeater in WP backend

  • Hello,

    I have worked with ACF Repeater for more than a year and found no problem until this project.

    The back-end has a weird black background for a Field group (that consists of 1 repeater). We did not do anything to the admin’s css.

    Do you guys know how to solve this? Did you ever experience this before?

    Here are the screenshot:

    I appreciate it if you can help me. This project is all done and here is the only pain in the butt left.


  • Hi @ndh611

    Are you able to use firebug to inspect the element. There is obviously some admin CSS which is overriding ACF’s CSS


  • Yeah the thing is we are pretty good with CSS and we have inspected with Chrome inspection tool and can’t find it. I just want to ask if this ever happened to you. Guess we will have to dig a lot more to see.

  • We have figured out how to re-produce this bug.
    IF there are a certain number of Repeater records, then the black will appear.
    If we remove about 4 records (random one), then the black background will disappear.

    Does that give you any hint?

  • Hi @ndh611

    Sounds like a rendering issue with your computer / browser.

    Can you test on another computer and browser?

  • Yeah, only Chrome has this problem. Firefox is ok. We have tested in different PC already.

  • @elliot,

    I confirm that on many occasions I have black screen. It’s only for Chrome.

    This happens if you have repeater field with so much rows that the combined height of the Metabox area is over 30000px.

    For example check this image – it’s clear new WP3.6 with latest ACF and without any other plugin.
    (800kb, notice that it’s over 30000px in height)

    As you can see if you have 28 fields like this – a black background appears.

    If you delete one of the fields – the white background re-appears
    (800kb, notice that it’s over 30000px in height)

    Usually that’s not a problem, because most of the time you don’t have many fields in one repeater. But this appears also if you have other fields in the same Metabox, so sometimes even 8-9 rows from the repeater are making the whole metabox with black background.

    I cannot find in the Inspector what is making this black background, so I assume that it’s something from Chrome.

    On your e-mail from I sent you access to this account to check it by yourself if you want.

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