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Webcam Upload ACF File

  • I am building a frontend-site, where any user can record a video with a webcam. I did this with javascript and the mediaDevice-class and the MediaRecorder-class.
    (The recorded video is only 10 seconds long btw) Then i created a blob out of the recorded video.
    What i want next is to create a new wordpress post with this recorded video.
    Therefore i set up a frontend Form.
    What i actually was trying to achieve is to add a ACF file-upload field and automatically insert the blob URL into that file-upload-field. I am really not that good with javascript and i am pressty sure, it’s maybe a bad idea to tackle this that way. CAn anyone give me a direction on how to actually save a prerecorded Webcamvideo and save this as a new wordpress-post with ACF? Thanks

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