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Way to add different preview image based on select

  • Just wondered if anyone had any advice…

    I am adding a grid using isotope on the front-end with 3 different types of items :- 1×1, 1×2 and 2×1 block.

    I am using a repeater field with a select (for the type) and image. I have setup the image sizes in functions.php so i have the three different sizes for the types.

    Problem i have is that on the preview in the back-end i have to select one of the thumbnails for the preview. Anyone know if theres a way to show a different preview based on the select?

  • Hi @roflman79

    Can you elaborate a bit more about ‘select one of the thumbnails for the preview’?

    Are you referring to the WP popup library?


  • Hi @Elliot

    I didn’t mean the popup library, i mean actually on my acf repeater field.

    I have the three different sized items in my select (1×1,2×1,1×2) that i am using on the front-end but on the repeater item, i have an image field that i can only select one preview image from.

    The problem i have is that when the user will select say the 2×1 landscape size they are shown a thumbnail on the preview image.


  • Hi @roflman79

    Just to check, are you aware that the image field contains an option to select the preview size?

    You can change this to full and all your images will display in full size. This may resolve your issue!

  • Sorry Elliot i don’t think i’m explaining myself correctly but it doesn’t matter as i bought your brilliant Flexible Content Field which has allowed me to make different areas.

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